HTC TyTN II Direct3D drivers

Great news for TyTN II owners as finally the Direct3D video driver that the device so desperatly is now available! Most HTC TyTN II owners are probably aware of the campaign to get a proper set of video drivers for the device and have no doubt heard of the HTCClassAction site that has been campaingning for them. If you want to download the new driver or to find out more then head over to the HTCClassAction site where you’ll find a whole load of information about it.

These drivers require a Kaiser (TyTN II) and a ROM based on the official HTC WM 6.1 update!. Exactly which ROMs are compatible is not yet known. We have tested this on multiple Kaisers, but all of them were running Dutty’s Diamond V1 ROM. It is extremely unlikely that these files will work out-of-the-box on any other MSM7x00 based device (at this time). Now we have all that out of the way, here is the actual CAB file. Just install it on your device. Here is a RAR file containing a sample D3D application – indeed the same as shown in the video – you can use to see if the drivers worked! Unrar it on your PC, copy the EXE files to your device, and run it on your device. It will show a few popups telling you if hardware is used or not.

Original source: here and here.

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