Motorola Flipout recovery guide

This is a port of Tenfar’s Defy Recovery for Motorola Flipout, as the hijacks do not work on this model, there is used a different solution to load recovery. It does not support mount/unmount, but all other function for backup/restore of system & data works (tested). You can share usb storage to pc, or install unsigned files.

Credits for the apk goes to Tenfar, modifications to work on Flipout with hack to boot is made by Dexter_nlb. It should work on all 2.1 based releses, as long as the phone is rooted.

Controls in recovery are: VOL- & VOL+ for up/down and POWER to select. There is an addon option to run adb at bootup (root based), if you put a empty file named: “adb_bootup” on root of sdcard.

Installation instructions:

  • 1. Root it (SuperOneClick )
  • 2. Install FlipOutRecovery.apk
  • 3. Reboot the phone once
  • 4. Now enter app and press “Install recovery”
  • 5. Next you can chose to reboot recovery , normal reboot or shutdown.


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