HTC Sense – Manila 2.5 ported to VGA

The brand new HTC Sense 2.5.2012 is ported and ready to use for your VGA devices. HTC Sense or Manila is a user interface, based on the TouchFLO 3D user interface, developed by HTC for mobile devices running Windows Mobile. HTC Sense is a “design experience, an architecture that is all about how people use the device, making their content personal to how they use the device.” HTC Sense 2.5.2012 was come from official RHODIUM_S2 [^] project (ROM), originally supported for WVGA screen only. HTC Sense 2.5.2012 was designed for lower hardware than original HTC Sense that come from LEO ROM ( Already ported by kisja & amarullz [^] ), so the performance was greatly improved.


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