HTC S740 – first detailed review

htc s740 review

The HTC S740 is a rare beast in the Windows Mobile world.

htc s740

htc s740

htc s740

While lack of touch-screen may be perceived by some as a problem, in reality have a phone without touch-screen means that one can use it very fast with single hand:

If you’ve never seen a Windows Mobile device without a touch screen then we should perhaps bring you up to speed. Firstly, there’s a different interface (durr) with programs and selections being made using the navigation control or numbered keys. For example, the menu system is structured in a three-by-three grid pattern. Press “5” on your numeric keypad and you’ll get the very centre option. Press “3” and you’ll get the top-right option. This is all part of the standard Windows Mobile interface. You’ll also get your contacts, email, tasks and appointments sync’d over the air or via the supplied USB cable. Office Mobile is included too […] Whilst not all Pocket PC / Windows Mobile Pro stuff will run on the Smartphone / Windows Mobile Standard, a lot of it will.

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