HTC Touch Cruise (HTC Polaris) tweaks and tricks

1. HTC random access manager :
to make it easy to scroll in contacts like that of iphone (alphabetical at the righet side of the screen) irst go to CONTACTS >>> menu >>> options >>> uncheck the show alphabetical index
and then do this tweak to also access t in dialer:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Shell\Rai\:M SCONTACTS]

this tweak makes the random access possible to use also with the dialer. Some how after restarting the device the contacts random access will not be accessed so here is the solution copy Randomaccess.exe included as attachment in to the windows folder pof your device.
2. Use 6 Tabs with htc home :

You need to edit your registry to get our music tab back,
Add new string,
Tabsetting = 1,2,3,4,5,6

You can change the order of the numbers to sort the tabs how you like

1 = Clock tab
2 = Favorite People tab
3 = Weather tab
4 = Launcher tab
5 = Music tab
6 = Profiles tab

refresh the htc home to get the tabs u can do it by unchecking the today contects and then checking it and it will refresh and
people who missed the favorites home tab delete this registry key :

delete it an drefresh thats alll and u will get all the 6 tabs !!


3. Start Menu sound problem solved :

when u click at start menu it does not give a sound here is the cab to install and problem will be solved soft reset after installing see the attachements below

4. LG KS20 Menu for HTC Polaris !
see the picture below its menu today plugin from LG KS20 its really nice when u use it with today screen and ht home. To install it u need three things :
1) Remove the bottom bar:
Place dciNoBar.exe in \windows\startup folder and run it. This will remove the bottom bar like in the pic.
2) Install Spacer2 Today Plugin this will make space for the LG menu to be placed at the bottom of the today bar.
3) Install LG_Today Buttons
4) Configue Spacer2 Plugin in \Settings\Today\Items, click on Spacer2 n click options. Adjust Spacer Hight accordingly.


improve your music with 3D effects, cnter effects and focus level also truBass included. This is a nice software more effective then htc audio booster. This sofware enables u to tweak audio with headphones r internal audio without headphones. Htc audio booster was only for headphones so enjoy some quality audio for your polaris.
instructions: download the srsWOW HD cab below and install it and then restart your device and go to seetings >>> System and choose WO HD settings


6. Vibrate the phone when u touch a key or open or close a prograam

we have seen in most devices that has vibration when opening or closing a prograam now we can do that with polaris. This file is .exe just copy it to your device and run it thats all and if you don’t want it just execute it !! nice peace of sofware.

7. from drjo:
To activate the GPS photo
In the directory P9 pass value “enable” 1

8. from John-A
To SpeedUp Touch Flo with a regisrty editor goto HKLM\Software\HTC\Biotouch\Biotouch\ change and change “DownFPS”, “LightFPS” and “UpFPS” from 15 to 50

All htc softwares in one folder download here: 2.1 MB
HTC Action 99.7 KB
HTC Audio 1.1 MB
HTC End 169.5 KB
HTC Enlarge Start 187.4 KB
HTC Equalizer 51.8 KB
HTC GIF Animation 190.9 KB
HTC Home Plugin 299.0 KB
HTC Home Sprint Plugin 102.9 KB
HTC Large Title 95.9 KB
HTC Network 74.4 KB
Htc OneNote 1.5 KB
HTC Plus v2.0.28938.1_fixed v2.CAB 825.4 KB
HTC Random 32.8 KB
HTC Touch Keyboard + 1.5 MB 2.4 MB 2.3 MB
HTC_QuickGPS.CAB 760.1 KB
HTC_Zip_v1.20.27596.2.CAB 243.6 KB
MS_Hearts__PPC_.CAB 190.6 KB
SetupVoIP_v0.3.CAB 94.2 KB 6.6 KB 195.4 KB 740.1 KB

Download the package here

Read more here, original source:

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