UpdateSPL for HTC Monet (Virgin Lobster) – WM6.1 rom testers needed

htc monet wm6.1Monet SSPL (SoftSPL) allows you to flash a special USPL (UpdateSPL). Once you have installed (flashed) the USPL you can flash any Monet ROM updates, i.e. you can flash any official or cooked ROMs.

This SPL is based on original Monet 1.05 SPL but includes 3 patches:

1) g_cKeyCardSecurityLevel = 0 (set 32)
2) Does not check Model & Vendor ID
3) Does not check signature*

(*) code must be formally signed i.e. contain properly-formatted signatures on the right places, however no checking is performed against them. This means you can flash ANY ROM to your Monet after running USPL on it, no need to pay for CID unlock anymore! The USPL will *not* help you to SIM unlock your device. I can make you a reasonable offer to SIM unlock your device. See here.

Note that the USPL is overwritten after you install a full rom. It’s not recommended to install a full rom, normally you only flash a rom component such as the OS or a splash. To check if the USPL is installed enter bootloader mode (tricolor display) there should be written “SPL-1.05.USPL”.

Some users tested the SSPL and flashed a splash and two users (kioo and pptapple) succesfully installed the USPL

Anyway the risk is entirely yours !! Don’t blame me and original author if you brick your phone!!!

Instructions to install USPL:
1. connect the phone with a usb cable to your PC and make sure Activesync is ready (green icon)
2. run the file SSPL.bat on your PC, it will transfer the SSPL to your device and start execution
3. the display of your Monet may turn dark, just ignore that
4. Run the ROMUpdateUtility.exe (Monet USPL – RUU.zip): this will flash the USPL to your device

WM6.1 ROM TESTERS NEEDED !!! for more information click here.

Original USPL author – jockyw2001, and original thread here.


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