HTC Hero Sense UI running on Windows Mobile

Rory, from ThisMobileLife, was kind enough to record a video walk-through of one of Zenulator’s full Hero builds for us. Remember, there is a full build with some rough patches and a faster “minimal build.” Be sure to check out the project homepage to keep up with the latest builds, if you’re interested.

The lengthy video above shows Rory switching from Windows Mobile 6.5 to boot up of Android and the Sense UI on his Vogue. After the device finishes booting, he walks us through some uses of desktop features, the menu launcher, use of the dialer, Marketplace, use of the soft keyboard and internet navigation. Because this project is still in development, the full build does have some slowdown and glitches, but there is clearly a lot of potential.

How many of you would want to run Sense UI on your Windows Mobile device? I wouldn’t mind having the option, let’s hope the great minds at XDA can expand the builds to other, more current devices as well.

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