HTC close to releasing another tablet

HTC Jetstream
HTC Jetstream


So far, HTC have only released two tablets, one of which is only available in the US. The other one – the Flyer, managed to surprise us with the added stylus and the way the software was optimized to make the most out of it, but it has been over an year now since its initial launch and it’s high time for its successor to come out. Actually, up until now, the company gave no signs that they’re working on such a device. Happily though, a representative of theirs has just confirmed for the British edition of PC Advisor, that they are indeed working on a new tablet. And, despite his vagueness concerning the device’s price, release date and so on, he has at least stated, that its going to come with a unique feature, which will make it distinguishable from anything else on the market.

HTC Tablet
HTC Flyer


This is actually quite logical, considering that the gadget is probably going to be running Android and there is currently no other way of breaking through on such an overcrowded market as the Android tablet one. Still, we’re very interested in what this unique feature might be – it’s only logical to think of another stylus, but than again Samsung are already also offering devices with styluses. It’s interesting to note, that Nokia also made a statement like this recently, saying that if they were to release a tablet, it would have specifications distinguishing it from the hundreds of other similar devices on the market. B. A.

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