How-to keep your Android phone safe

In the last time, some news run through the media about the first virus for Android. The supposed virus is hidden in an update of a multimedia program and sends SMSs to premium services, whose costs are paid by the owner of the infected phone. Even the less experienced computer user will ask himself if that is really a virus. A virus was normally considered a program which changed or interfered with your computer without your knowledge or permission. The last news about this virus did not match exactly the definition. It is more of a malware than a virus. If you got it, it was because you accepted to install it. It did not spread spontaneously through the net.

You might be a victim of these new malware program for Android. However, there are very simple tips to keep your Android smartphone safe.

1st: Check the permissions of programs

This is without any doubt the most important point and it is something we should always do. Does your multimedia program need access to your Google account? No. Does a game need to send SMS messages (at a premium cost)? No. If a program wants to do something that is not really necessary for it, it is not only fishy, it is malware.

In cases like these, the best was is not to install the program. But where do you check the permissions?

Every time you install a program from the Android Market, you can check the permissions for that program. Take this extra time and look through it.

The information about permissions will also appear each time you upgrade your software and there are new permissions in comparison to the version you have already installed.

Remember that it is you who can let a program perform this or that task.

2nd: Review the comments of other users on the Android Market

There is no better way to see how a program is working. Other users know which problems they had. All programs listed in the Android Market tend to have many of these ratings and additional comments to help you choose your programs.

3rd: only install programs through the Android Market

By default, an Android phone won’t let you install any third party apps. However, these settings may be changed. Don’t do it, unless you have a pretty good reason to that. One example of the later is installing software from a company you know. A really bad reason is installing apps from an unknown source.

4th: do backups

This tips is valid for Android smartphones and for any other kind of computer. You’ll repent not doing backups and will only realize when you need it.

5th: do read the latest news on the Internet

As always, news about security issues spread fast through the Internet. Do not rest assured that everything you are doing is secure and reliable. Do check reviews of your programs on the Internet and check the latest issues about Android security.

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