Google promising high-quality 3D maps for Google Earth

Google have managed to get ahead of Apple, which are expected to reveal their new Maps app, which is going to also offer 3D maps, for iOS in the very recent future, by revealing their plans to add such a feature to their own app – Google Earth. The technology is going to use numerous photos, made from different angles from a bird-eye point of view in order to create a precise 3D render of the bigger cities (by the end of the year there should be such maps for a few urban zones with a large population, though knowing how much resources Google has, we’re expecting most big cities around the world to be covered soon enough as well). The process of making these maps is completely automatic. The maps are also going to become available for the iOS and Android versions of the application, though an exact release date hasn’t yet been announced. If you’re wondering how the software giant has managed to prepare the 3D maps so fast, you may be interested by the fact, that they actually used a whole fleet of airplanes, some of which are Google’s property. B. A.

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