Verizon Motorola Droid review

The hardware is gorgeous, if not a bit too masculine for female users. The device measures 2.36 X 4.56 X 0.54 inches and is a big rectangular slab with rounded corners and a beveled back so it’s easier to hold. At first glance, the Droid looks like it can be made to be mounted to a wall like a miniature flatscreen television, and that assessment wouldn’t be too far off with the 16:9 aspect ratio on the screen, a FWVGA display showing 854 X 480 pixels, and measuring in at 3.7-inch, which sounds larger than it is but thanks to the device’s elongated FWVGA resolution is narrow and easy enough to hold and grip.

The device’s QWERTY keyboard is thin and the device doesn’t feel as bulky as the HTC Touch Pro2 running Windows Mobile. There is no spring assist in the slider mechanism on the Motorola Droid, but there are satisfying clicks when the device locks or closes in its horizontal landscape sliding positions. The built-in accelerometer also helps to orate the screen.

The Droid shows off its slim profile.

I am torn on the hardware keyboard. Also it is quite good and capacious, it does take some getting used to moving down to the smaller size. After having experienced typing heaven on the Touch Pro2, the keyboard feels like a downgrade. However, it is still one of the finer keyboards out there on the market and users who have never experienced the Touch Pro2’s widely spaced, island keys would be none the wiser. I just prefer the on-screen keyboard, which offers a good correction engine.

Keyboard on the Droid slides in landscape; no spring assist,
but solid and has nice click when locked into position.

The metal construction doesn’t feel cold to the hand and is a pleasure to hold and grip thanks to the rubberized, soft touch backing that removes the cold steel feel from the phone.

It also comes with a capacious 1400 mAh battery, which easily lasts me through the day of voice turn-by-turn GPS navigation, a few voice calls, web browsing, Tweeting, push and pull email accounts, and some YouTube viewing. With such a gorgeous device, it is hard to not turn on the screen. The Droid is rated for 6.4 hours of talk time and 11.25 days of standby time. In general, battery life seems stronger than the HTC Hero on Sprint.

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