Google Earth 1.1 for Android

Here is the latest Google Earth version 1.1 for all Android users, after more than four months since the previous version 1.0, released last April.

Given the summer release, the developers of Google have decided to make available the opportunity to discover on your Android smartphone even the marine world, which is well known as 3 / 4 of the planet. Just zoom in a marine area and goes to see what lies beneath the surface of the water. As per tradition of Google,there is also a new layer that lets you explore the depths even better, with hundreds of photos and videos from employees of all kinds.

This is for all devices running Android 2.1. The lucky people who already use devices with Android 2.2, however, can also use Flash within the program and you can then view the video directly to Google Earth in cartoons. Simplified further controls in order to make it even easier to travel and observe the surrounding environment.

The find Google Earth – get it for free on Android Market.

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