Iphone, Android and Blackberry best games

Among the various communication gadgets available in the market, the iphone 4 takes the pride of place. The main feature available in this device is the multi-tasking facility, where one has the option of switching between apps without slowing down the speed of the app in the background. This iphone also allows one the option of switching to recently used apps from where they were left last. The multi-tasking facility on the iphone also allows one to receive skype or VoIP calls even when the iphone is locked. One can keep the conversation going even while watching TV or listening to music.

The blackberry offers hundreds of games many of which can be downloaded free from the net. Among some of the popular games is the “Fear of the dark,” a game which revolves around the story of a captive princess held by an army of dark creatures. The player as the prince must rescue the princess. The game involves avoiding various traps and killing all the monsters.

Another interesting blackberry games is Tomcat Dogfight which allows one to use machine guns and rockets. The idea is to shoot down as many enemy planes possible from the sky to move on to the next level. As the player plays the game it is advisable to look back at enemy planes that may be at the back. The Entity is an action based game with 25 levels. In this game, the player guides the alien which will enable it to change its shape and behavior. This game is considered slightly difficult and the idea would be to keep at it for one to improve.

Another important facility that the iphone provides is the GPS. This facility in the iphone keeps constantly updating one’s position even as other as other activities are on. It also provides voice turn by turn directions even as one continues to listen to music. When the directions are spoken, the music volume automatically lowers. The iphone therefore allows two people to know each other’s location even though they are not using the app actively.

Blackberry also allows one to load games like aces Solitaire which includes games such as free cell pyramid , Yukon and canfield. Another interesting game is par 72 golf which is a realistic 3-d golf game for blackberry users where one can compete on 18 holes. One of the famous card game is the UNO. For those who would like to improve on geography skills there are the smart educational games that are a pack of software games that introduce one to states, counties and capital cities. This game is the sign for kids as well as the grown-ups. The game can be changed by the press of a simple button.

The iphone allows one to do high definition video recording that can be edited with standing high definition. The iphone also has a provision to convert many of the small clips that may be taken during a vacation and using the iMovie app can be converted into a finished movie.

Android 2.3 is the next phone generation with lots of new application and games to compare with blackberry and iphone, so will iphone have the best iphone apps and the best iphone games? Or blackberry and Android can compare with the iPhone?

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