Future Nokia smartphones will be waterproof

A representative of Nokia has confirmed in a recent interview, that the company’s future smartphones are going to be waterproof thanks to a special nano coating. The technology has already been shown off at the debut of the Lumia 610 in London and Conor Pierce – the VP of Nokia Western Europe, has confirmed that we are indeed going to see it in the company’s future models. The coating works on a hydrophobic principle – it reflects the water, leaving whatever surface it has been used on completely dry.

So far it remaing unknown when we are actually going to see waterproof phones from the Finns, but according to the rumors we can expect all of the future Lumia devices and/or the ones, which feature Nokia’s other interesting technology – the PureView, to have this nanocoating. Such devices have actually been around for quite a while now, though they have been popular mostly in Japan, so it’s great to finally have European companies also adding such features to their devices. B. A.

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