Fujitsu has created a smartphone for the elderly

Fujitsu RakuRaku F12-D

Fujitsu RakuRaku F12-D


A couple (or even more) years ago there were a lot of phones being released, which were supposed to be aimed at the elderly people  – with larger buttons, simpler and more intuitive UI and so on. Since smartphones started becoming more and more popular and even replacing the good-ol’ feature phones, we hadn’t heard of such attempts being made. Now though, Fujitsu seem to have delved into this market niche with their RakuRaku F12-D device.

The device is going to become available this August – sadly, for now only in Japan, but than again that’s a start. The phone uses Android OS, but on top of lies a skin, which would make it almost impossible for anyone to recognize the software underneath – both the icons and the text have been made extra large, so that the elderly can see them easier and the phone has even been programmed to recognize random taps on the screen from the voluntary touches. B. A.

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