Get your cheap Windows phone: HTC Diamond vs. Samsung Omnia i900

This article will include the features of HTC Diamond and Samsung Omnia i900 mobile phones.

First the Both mobile shapes:

Samsung Omnia i900:

HTC Diamond:

So let’s start the comparision, first of all the HTC Diamond beats the Omnia in the following features:

  • VGA screen.
  • Touch Flo 3D feature.
  • Existence of the touch screen pin (magnetic stylus) while there is no existence for the pin in the Samsung Omnia.
  • Existence of the scroll wheel.
  • Liter than Omnia.
  • The same and usual mini USB port so you can connect it with a computer but the Omnia has a special USB port that’s made especially for it.
  • Accelorometer Feature.
  • Better performance for video and games.

Now we come to the features that Samsung Omnia i900 beats HTC Diamond in it .

  • Battery use time is longer than HTC’s about two times (double).
  • Fast processor performance.
  • GSM quad band feature.
  • Existence of a place for a MicroSD card so you can raise up the memory space but when it comes to Diamond you don’t have this feature (only built in storage memory).
  • Internal memory size is 8 or 16 Gigabyets however the Diamond is just 4 Gigabyets.
  • Main camera resolution of 5 Megapixels while the Diamond’s camera is just 3 Migapixels.
  • TV out feature.
  • The ability to use keyboard (qwerty keyboard) when the horizontal screen mode is on (landscape mode) while in the HTC Diamond you can use this feature only with browsing program.

HTC Diamond and Samsung Omnia i900 are pretty cool Windows Mobile devices and very good at the specs so when it comes to buying which one we are talking about what will the person who will buy one of them use it for ? So I think it depends on the person who will buy a product whether it was Omnia i900 or HTC Diamond you just have to set down with your self and decide which one is suitable for you and what will you use it for. In the end , I hope this article helped you choosing a product to buy from the both Windows Mobile devices .


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