Froyo Voice Input for HTC Desire

This one is pull from a clean Froyo FRF91 ROM, ready for HTC Desire 🙂

There are two ways to put it into your phone:

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Method 1: (via ADB)
1.remount the system

adb remount

2.upzip and push APK into system/app

adb push LatinImeGoogle.apk /system/app

3.upzip and push those *.so file into system/lib

adb push ****.so /system/lib

(**** is the file you just unziped in “lib” folder)
4. Enjoy~

Download: ClickME


Method 2: (via Recovery)
1.reboot into Recovery mode. (p.s.Hold Back+Volume Down to boot)
2.flash it as other ZIP file.

Download: ClickME

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