Project Resistance

Project Resistance is intended to be a fully transparent view into the process of conceiving, developing and selling an application for Windows Mobile.  The idea here is that anyone will be able to look at how sausage gets made. Chris Tacke and Alex Feinman are creating a simple application for the marketplace and documenting its creation from beginning to end. Chris Fairburn has also joined the team and is making an iPhone version of the app.

Project Requirements

  • The Application must run on WinMo 6.1 or later devices (if it works on earlier devices great, but we’re not going to be testing for it)
  • The Application must run on both non-touch and touch devices. The curent list of test devices is:
    • HTC Dash 3G (WinMo 6.1)
    • HTC Touch Pro (WinMo 6.5)

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