First HTC Care centre opened in Europe

It is in Moscow, Russia! Yes, HTC opened today (March 19, 2009) an HTC Care centre in Moscow – in cooperation with Russian company Pro Service. The HTC Care center will be able to repair phones and advice customers too. The address is: Novoslobodskaya street 36, near underground station “Mendeleevskaya”. Other similar HTC Care centres can be found in Taipei (Taiwan), in Hong Kong (China), in Singapore (Singapore) and in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

Interestingly Russia is the only market where HTC is selling their HTC max 4G phone that supports WiMax. Now with introduction of HTC Care clearly the importance of Russian market for HTC is being underlined.

We are reporting about this, because HTC is the biggest manufacturer of Windows Mobile phones, that is making more than 50% of all Windows Mobile phones nowadays.

It is a pity that such HTC Care centres are not to be found in more western parts of Europe… even though the headquarters in HTC Europe are located in Slough near London.

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