Firefox Mobile even more efficient on Maemo and Android

After a slow start which had left many, including myself, quite skeptical about the real possibility of becoming a good Firefox mobile browser, it seems that the mobile conversion of this famous program is improving continuously, release after release.

The new beta browser was released a few days ago, for Android for Nokia N900 and Maemo. Available in 10 languages, Firefox is now much more powerful, thanks to the enormous response in terms of recommendations and suggestions received from users. What we mean by ‘much better performance’? Be ‘, suffice to say that the speed of text rendering has increased by almost 40% against the previous beta and the size of the installation files on Android, have declined by over 60% (from about 43 MB to 17) . The beauty is that, according to Mozilla developers, there is still room to make further decrease the size of the program in the future!

But not all, of course. Among other new offerings, a new theme, the ability to share links with your contacts, and to reopen a closed tab by mistake. Firefox is significantly faster execution of JavaScript code: Android 2.2, and up to 25% better performance on Engine’s standard browser. The consumption in terms of longevity of the battery is lower.

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