How-to fix bubbles, dirt or fingerprints behind your screen protector

For all the people that have bubbles, lint, dirt or fingerprints behind their phones screen protector from a fumble or rushed, botched install – here is the guide:

It is a little known fact that “most” of the screen protectors are completely washable. The “sticky” side wont wash off or smear or in any way ruin.


1. Peel it off.
2. Run under water and use your hand to remove lint, dirt specs, smudges ect.
3. Hold by the corner tightly (little as possible) with an absorbant towel and shake vigorously in front of a fan or air purifier (better) until completly dry.
NOTE. Slowly air drying will leave water spots from impurities in the water. Purified water may solve this problem.
4. Clean the screen.
5. Reapply the protector, but carefully this time.
6. Repeat if necessary for perfect clean lay.

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