Finger keyboard 2 for HTC Touch HD


– one of the most (if not the most) touch screen finger-friendly keyboards out there
– great looking
– supports both portrait and landscape modes
– supports WVGA & WQVGA / QVGA cab and VGA layouts available in post #2!
– supports different language layouts
– has a numeric layout for fast typing of numbers
– supports selectable color schemes
– supports Windows Mobile Contact name suggestions
– supports Windows Mobile Word suggestions (DOES NOT SUPPORT T9!)
– has excellent layout of buttons in both portrait and landscape
– many cool functions: text selection, cut+copy+paste, home, end, single word deletion, single line deletion, whole text deletion etc.
– preset emoticons for fast typing of smile-faces
– preset web browsing shortcuts for fast typing of web and e-mail addresses
– highly customizable (requires editing txt files, tough)
– supports click sounds when typing
– has a configuration utility that allows selecting lanuages and color schemes
– now comes in a .cab file for easier installation



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