Android for HTC Universal (Qtek 9000/XDA Exec)

– Based on Android Cupcake 1.5-r2
– Kernel
-Keyboard (needs a few keys mapped)
-Sd card slot (tested a 4gb class 6 kingmax and a class 6 generic 8gb sdhc)
-Max1587a(need to fix charge function)

Not working:
– Power Management
– Audio
– WiFi
– Bluetooth
– Phone
– Touch screen
– Asic3 Buttons
– Camera’s

Basic Instructions:

You will need a spare SD Card of at least 250 MB to try this. I recommend you format it completely. You have to create the following 3 partitions on your SD Card.
If you have a larger card you can increase the EXT3 partition freely, which will be the root partition.

/dev/sdb1 – 40 MB FAT32
/dev/sdb2 – 150 MB EXT3
/dev/sdb3 – 64 MB Linux SWAP

The following files included in the zip file below should be downloaded and copied to your FAT32 partition on the SD Card.

* default.txt (HaReT configuration)
* zImage (the kernel)
* haret-0.5.2

The following file is to root filesystem. You should download and extract it in the EXT3 root partition on the SD Card (sdb2).

* axdroid-0.1-alpha.tar.gz (Link)

Use the following command to extract (assuming sdb2 is mounted on /mnt/sdb2)

# tar -C /mnt/sdb2 -zxvf axdroid-0.1-alpha.tar.gz

Now start the haret-0.5.2 executable from WinMo. Then press RUN. Thanks to Ertan Deniz for building the Rootfs and work on the Dell Axim x51v.

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