Fantasia Painter – the best painting app for WP7


Fantasia Painter 1.9, released with 20 new effects, distortion tools and “alive” brushes, now available for Windows Phone 7.

Create amazing paintings easily and edit photos in exciting ways. With Fantasia Painter for WP7, unleash your inner artist and create professional looking drawings and amazing photo manipulations, even if newbie. Unlike other painting tools Fantasia has 12 unique brushes (e.g. Fur, Rainbow or Makeup) that adapt to your painting style, speed, direction and nearby colors to make even simple strokes look professional. Powerful effects, like Mold, help you enlarge muscles, change face, body shape, and more. All effects can be “painted” to part of image, so you can create works of art that are uniquely your own.

Fantasia combines multiple effects into one to save you time. For example, Bright/Contr/Sat/Expo is a single effect and is typically equivalent to three effects in other tools. Other effects, like Lifelike Colors are composed of several image enhancement steps.



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