Fake Lenovo Smartphones and Replicas Hitting the Market

Lenovo S820i - Fake Chinese phone

Lenovo S820i – Fake Chinese phone


In the past months there’s a massive invasion of fake Lenovo smartphones on the market coming from China, the fake phones are flooded on websites like eBay, AliBaba and AliExpress, so be aware when buying Lenovo phones online.

The original Lenovo home button

The original Lenovo home button


You can identify a fake Lenovo phone just by the pictures – there’s a lack of the specific Lenovo Home button and the Lenovo Vibe UI is missing. Also, the phone specs are fake too, for example – according to the “Lenovo S820i” specs, it features an octa-core MTK6592 chip running at 1.7GHz and 13MP camera, but what you get is a dual-core MTK6572 running at 1.2GHz and a crappy 5MP camera. All other specs are fake too, screen resolution, RAM, etc.

Some users even reported about Chinese phones with missing IMEI numbers (the network cannot identify the device, so basically you have no network), there’s a solution for this one – but that’s not the way it should be!

List of fake Lenovo phones (Chinese phones branded with the Lenovo logo):

  • Lenovo 820t & S820i (no such Lenovo product)
  • Lenovo A850+ (the fake one is completely different from the original A850+)
  • Lenovo N908 (no such Lenovo product)
  • Lenovo S960t (no such Lenovo product)
  • Lenovo S650c (no such Lenovo product)
  • Lenovo P780s+ (no such Lenovo product)
  • Lenovo S8 & A8 (poor quality replicas of both phones)

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