Deluxe Moon for Windows Phone 7

The most beautiful Moon phase application for Windows Phone 7 that helps you discover more about the influence of the Moon, your mobile assistant which is always at your service wherever you are.


• Visual picture of the moon phases and the percent of the illuminated area.
• Full names of all moon phases.
• Zodiac Sign the moon is in.
• Current moon’s age: how far along the moon is in its full cycle.
• Moonrise and moonset times for your location.
• Amount of time from moonrise and to moonset.
• Calculations for the current and other dates.
• Network independence: you can work anywhere in the world without Internet or cellular connections.
• Your current location determined by GPS or cellular network.
• You can manually set location, time, date and UTC offset.

– comprehensive Moon information for any date
– moonrise/zenith(nadir)/moonset times
– moonrise/moonset timers
– Moon compass
– moonrize/moonset azimuth

– shows zodiac sign where the Moon is at any date and time
– shows tropical/sidereal zodiac information
– shows tropical/sidereal zodiac difference on beautifully animated Zodiac circle
– higlights when the Moon passes borders of Zodiac signs

Moon Calendar
– shows moon zodiac in the calendar

Moon Astrology
– calculates moon day as it done in astrology
– shows lunar forecast for any moon day, including recomendations, precausions, health and personal life
– shows recomendations for business (check it with your personal observations in the calendar!)
– shows extended moon zodiac sign charecteristics- shows moon horoscope information
– shows information for gardening and planting



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