Corning have revealed Willow Glass

Willow Glass
Willow Glass


You might not have heard of Corning, but if you’re using a mid- or high-end Android smartphone, there’s a good chance your device’s screen was made by this very company. After all, they were the creators of the highly resistant Gorilla Glass, which is being used in a lot of manufacturer’s mobile devices. Well Corning have just revealed another product of theirs – Willow Glass, and if anything, it’s even more impressive than its predecessor.

Samsung's flexible concept phones
Samsung’s flexible concept phones


The new type of glass is not only very thin – 100 microns, but it’s also very flexible, which makes not only covering a whole mobile device with glass possible, but even takes us one step closer to making flexible mobile devices. Another great feature of the Willow Glass is the fact, that it can be manufactured on a conveyor, something which wasn’t possible up until now. So far it remains unknown when we can expect the first devices, using this kind of glass to hit the market, but what we do know, is that Corning have already sent out samples to the phone manufacturers. B. A.

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