Custom ringtone manager for Windows Phone 7

Here is the first WP7 homebrew application taking advantage of unlocked phones – a Windows Phone 7 custom ringtone manager.

The applications has two components:

  • Desktop application – used to build a custom XAP package with 5 custom ringtones you select from your computer (Requires .NET 4.0 Framework)
  • XAP application – to be deployed to your WP7 to install custom ringtones to the system


  • Ringtones have to be in the WMA format at 48KHz as required by the OS. We recommend using Expression Encoder 4 (free) to transcode any MP3s.
  • Currently, to deploy the XAP you will have to use the Microsoft “Application Deployment” tool with the Windows Phone 7 Developer SDK. In the future, we hope to make available a standalone deployment solution for homebrew apps.


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