BerryWeather – get the weather forecast on the new BlackBerry OS 7

Here is the new update for one of the best selling application in recent years for the BlackBerry platform. This is an excellent program to get the weather forecast, this type of applications are greatly appreciated by all owners of the business phones.

BerryWeather is the name of the award-winning application, it’s recently updated with lots of new and unique features and also, a support for all new devices equipped with BlackBerry OS 7. The new relase implements the touch interface for devices like the Bold 9900, and some effects, such as those of the transaction to the next screen, that’s very nice.

BerryWeather allows you to obtain updated forecasts for more than 70 000 locations across the world, using data collected by the Weather Underground site, allowing the user to view up to ten locations at once. The new BlackBerry OS 7 also enables you to share forecasts on the major social networks like Facebook and Twitter, in addition to the traditional way via email, SMS and BlackBerry Messenger.

BerryWeather is free to try for 3 days or you can get it for 7 euro via the official website.

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