Artemis HD2 ROM – WM6.5.5 Build 30101

-ROM Version: 46.0
-Release Date: 18-Dec-2010
-Main OS: WM6.5.5 Professional COM5 Build 30101 (My Mix 23569+23151+29005)
-HTC Manila Core: v2.5.20191914
Drivers/Packages from ROMs: LEO-S 3.14, Huashan 1.22, OBOE 1.08, T-MUS 3.14, Huashan 1.24

  • REMOVE HSPL . Current HSPL2/3 don’t support the new HTC 3.14 Stock ROM SPL 3.03.0000 (Second Program Loader).
  • Use ONLY SSPL to flash Artemis ver 4x.x.
  • Hard-Reset the phone after flash process has completed.
  • Restart the phone, after first manila screen, (X2 manager need this to work correct).
  • This ROM has NO 576MB trick.
  • This ROM is NOT for US T-Mobile HD2 with 1024MB ROM.


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