ARM present the most economical processor yet, also ready with the design of a 20nm multicore Cortex A15 one


The Cortex A7 is ARM’s newest processor. It their least energy consuming chip so far – it’s five times more economical and five times smaller than the A8 (Cortex, not Audi), which is used by most high-end smartphones today. It’s also very cheap to manufacture, so we may see it in the $100 models in 2013 or 2014 , which will be as fast as the top models of today. The processor can be used for both single-core SoC’s or as an extra core for multicore ones. For example, if it was used as an extra core in the Tegra 3 (which instead uses an A9 one) , it could lower energy consumption by up to 70%.


ARM and TSMC have also announced they’re ready with the designs of the next-generation 20 nm chips. It will be the first multicore Cortex-A15 processor, which uses the 20 nm technology. According to TSMC work on the project lasted just 6 months, because of the OIP 20nm chip design platform. The new processor should be more energy efficient and is expected to be used in smartphones, tablets, netbooks and other devices. So far it hasn’t been announced when to expect the chips on the market. B. A.


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