Apple Fighting With Nokia, RIM and Motorola Over Nano SIM Cards


A few months ago we found out, that the Micro SIM cards are going to be followed by nanoSIM’s. As it turns out, though, the process is going to take longer than expected, because the big companies don’t share the same opinion about this innovation. The situation has reached a point where Apple (yes, them again) are going against a lot of the big companies, such as Nokia, RIM and Motorola. Next week ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) is going to have a vote about the new SIM cards.

So far what we know is, that Apple are suggesting the usage of a similar technology to the one, used in their mobile devices, while Nokia have come up with an alternative solution, which, according to some, has some serious technical advantages and is supported by other companies. If Apple;s proposition is chosen, there is a real chance of them gaining control over the Nano SIM patents, which would be bad for everybody including the end-user. The American company also has the support of most of the European network operators. Still, so far Nokia are the more likely winner in the elections. B. A.

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