Another modded TCPMP build for Windows Mobile

latest TCPMP build for Windows Mobile devices

This is the latest TCPMP build for Windows Mobile devices.

Whats new in this build:

Working equalizer, some updated codec libraries:  flac (updated to version 1.21 gains almost the same benchmark values compared to coreplayer), matroska parser (note that matroska support was broken due to changes in mkv format, now it works fine), latest ffmpeg static build (without avcodec and avutil dll’s). Contains merged flv1 and flv4 plugins (implemented into ffmpeg.plg and splitter.plg). Built in subtitle support be sure to visit homepage of that plugin for more information how to use it and limitations. Contains modified language.tgz file (enables usage of wmv dll’s and allows to play wmv files, dll’s isn’t included) thanks to frmariam for mentioning this (be sure to visit his magic stash related to tcpmp on mediafire…71ee60c1ce7296)
Fixed cab installer, able to install into Storage Card.
And finally some eyecandy – added skin support for player, supports both landscape and portrait modes.
This is similar to older tcpmp-0.71j build, (note that skin support is in early development stage so some bugs may appear if you don’t like the way it works just dont’t put skin files into TCPMP dir and use default interface)

Installation instructions:

  • Be sure to uninstall old tcpmp before installing
  • Download the new build
  • Unpack
  • Install
  • Pick suitable skin for your screen resolution and extract contents of archive to TCPMP directory
  • Pick suitable ffmpeg plugin for your device (ffmpeg.plg in cab is provided for compatibility purposes)


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