Android Froyo for HTC Blue Angel (Qtek 9090)

Do you still have some old Windows Mobile devices like HTC Blue Angel (Qtek 9090)? If yes, here is a very interesting project over XDA-Developers for running Android Froyo on Blue Angel! That’s right, some fresh news for all old-school lovers 🙂

Of course, it’s still in development, but at least it boots and can be tested, it’s based on Kernel 2.6.31.

What’s working inside:

  • LCD
  • IRDA
  • ASIC3
  • SD Card
  • Bluetooth
  • GPIO Buttons
  • TSC2200 Buttons
  • W100 Frame Buffer
  • Power Supply
  • Simple Backlight driver (ON/OFF) (at the moment)
  • Theoretical WiFi
  • Keyboard (in Kernel) tested with evtest (no event)
  • Sound (in Kernel)
  • TSC2200 Touchscreen tested with evtest work but not right in Android!!

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