Android Froyo and Gingerbread for HTC Touch Pro (Fuze)


XDAndroid Gingerbread and Froyo builds available for HTC Touch Pro (HTC Fuze)!

 – The only thing that’s not working is sound recording during video recording.

Bring some new life and apps to your HTC Touch Pro with this XDAndroid project.

Download and more info

Buttons mapping:

1. Power Button

  • Press: Go home screen
  • Hold: Switch between Application

2. VolUP

  • Press: Increase ringtone, media and incall volume

3. VolDown

  • Press: Decrease ringtone, media and incall volume. Can also set vibrate and Silent.

4. Home Button

  • Press: Open up setting

5. Call Button

  • Press: Open recent call
  • Hold: Launch Voice dialer

6. Back Button

  • Press: Goes back one previous screen

7. Call end Button

  • press: Turn off display or end phone call
  • Hold: Set audio on or off, Airplane mode or turn off device

8. Center Button

  • Press: Accept or select. Also used as scrolling, zoom in or out.

9. Android Menu tab

  • Pull up or down to open / close Program tab

10. Notification tab

  • Pull up or down to open / close notification tab

11. USB

  • Plug in USB for adb, USB debugging, charging

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