30 Million Phones With NFC Capabilities Sold Last Year

NFC Phones
NFC Phones


If you’re one of those people who think, that even though it’s mentioned a lot, NFC isn’t really a feature, which is present in a lot of phones (and there a lot of people, who tend to think this way) , you’re in for a big surprise. Last year there were more than 30 million phones, which support this technology, sold worldwide. This information was released by Berg Insight, according to who, this indicates an overall increase of 1000% in the sales of such devices, in comparison with 2009 – just two years earlier.

The agency also predicts, that by 2016 there will be more than 700 million phones with NFC capabilities worldwide, but this isn’t really going to be caused by the increasing usage of this technology in our everyday life – it’s just, that more and more high- and mid-end device are going to feature NFC. Of course, sooner or later (and knowing how fast technologies develop, we’d go with sooner) this is going to lead to the popularization of this service. B. A.

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