3 reasons to switch into Android phone

An Android cell phone is the one that uses the Android operating system. The Android operating system was developed by Google. All developers are encouraged to contribute towards the Android project. The Android operating system offers better functionality to the phone and hence is becoming popular. It definitely makes your gadget more productive. In an Android phone, you get to enjoy a customized user interface and multitasking becomes much easier. Android mobile phones have the best of mobile technology with features and capabilities superior to the normal mobile phones. The restrictions in the conventional mobile phones have been made accessible. Because of its advanced features, the Android phones are becoming popular and there are many who want to own it.
There are various reasons to switch from the regular mobile to an Android phone. Let’s look at the top three reasons for the change.
Integration to Google Service
Android phones support all Google services. This means that you can surf the net, access your mail, social networking sites, Picasa etc. Also, any mobile application from the Android market can be downloaded to these phones. These phones offer room for customization and hence you can make your phone your own. The greatest advantage is that all these features come natively and does not require another application to be downloaded.
Android Widgets
The desktop of the Android phone gives a different picture. The desktop has widgets which can be customized to suit your need. It allows you to do various things without even having to click on the app. For example, you can assign different actions for different contacts using the people widget. This means that you can call a person with a single click. The Message widget enables instant access to mail. These widgets are so useful that it saves time and also enables instant access. These phones not only allow the configuration of the desktop but also the look and behavior of the phone. The phone can be made to look and behave according to the needs of the user. The Android phones enable personalization to a great extent.
Feel the Power
The Android phones come with the power and efficiency of a small notebook. The phone will not leave you hanging even when you run various applications on the phone. Android is an open source in the sense that various developers can contribute towards its development. This also helps to identify and fix any weakness in the phone. These phones provide better connectivity. Unlike the other phones where you have to navigate your way though the available options, the android phone enables to have instant connectivity using the various buttons on the desktop. This ensures a longer battery life. Android phones are produced by various manufacturers and hence the customers

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