Most popular Android phone messengers

One of the latest technologies in mobile phones is an instant messenger that enables the user to connect to friends and family members wherever they are. It works on Android OS. There are many applications to use this instant messenger. And there are many companies developing the messenger applications for Android operating systems. Some of the applications are Palringo, Mundu,, and Meebo.
Palringo is an instant messenger application used to access multiple platforms. Some of the multiple platform mobiles like BlackBerry, Pocket PC, iPhone, Java, and Android can use the Palringo application. It allows the user to chat with friends through mobile or desktop and there are various services for the user to access.
This is nothing but an instant messenger for the Android phones. An operating system, middleware and key mobile applications are some of the developed applications delivered by this Mundu messenger. Any device which has Android platform can be able to access the Mundu messenger. It has more features.
It is an instant messenger for Android. The user is able to chat across multiple networks which include Google, Yahoo, AOL etc. The Agilemobile messenger can be downloaded and the user has to pay for that.
This messenger application for Android will run in the background.  It has no charge for SMS. The Meebo, an instant messenger for Android will support IM networks like Yahoo, Google, Jabber IM networks, MSN, and AIM. It can be downloaded and allows the user to send messages free of cost. The user can log in to his IM accounts. It is a complete and favorite package for Android phone.
There are many companies now which have developed this Android phone messenger applications Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc. One of the popular companies is Yahoo with its two products, Yahoo Mail and Yahoo messenger being widely used worldwide.
The user can download it through Android Market. It supports Android OS 2.0 including Motorola Droid, HTC Incredible. It has many features. The user can easily send messages and update friend’s status. The user can view the new messages and request from friends with the help of push notifications. The user can send photos directly from photo gallery and send instant messages through SMS. It is also going to bring another Yahoo Messenger with 3G or 4G video chat compatible to smartphones. It has a two way chat for Android phones with front cameras.
Android OS is a linux based platform developed by Android, which is a part of Google. The Andriod phone messenger has been designed to organize and simplify the life style. It is a smartphone used for entertainment purpose also. The top popular applications are Ringroid, Twidroid, Shaza, Pandora and Openhome. The first mobile which supports Android platform was developed by HTC Dream.

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