wmTorrent – Windows Mobile torrent client


WinMobile Torrent (wmTorrent) v.3, the world’s first torrent client for Windows Mobile, has evolved far beyond its previous version. It now provides advanced features on par with other desktop torrent clients. wmTorrent now supports DHT (trackerless torrent); PEX (Peer Exchange); plain text and RC4 Protocol Encryption; HTTP Seeding; torrent extensions and many more.

wmTorrent v.3 now supports:

  • Direct save to file, no more temporary file
  • Full and consolidated file saving modes
  • Trackerless Torrents (DHT) based on Kademlia
  • Peer Exchange (PEX)
  • Plain Text and RC4 Protocol Encryptions
  • Advanced extensions
  • HTTP Seeding
  • Unicode UTF-8
  • Windows Mobile Standard, Classic and Professional



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