Windows Phone 7 new features demoed at MWC

Who has been complained that Windows Phone 7 is not yet a complete operating system, which lacks the multitasking, copy and paste, a browser and more?

Microsoft has promised a massive update with the missing functionality. Since then there have been about 4 months and today, at the Mobile World Congress Microsoft showed a video demo of the new features coming with the upgrade promised.

Here is the new features list:

  • a new Internet Explorer 9 browser with support for hardware acceleration, the same used for the desktop version of IE9
  • full multitasking for third-party applications
  • hub dedicated to native integration with Twitter, similar to the integration with Facebook
  • improvements to the X-Box Live service enhancements with integration WP7/Kinect
  • support copy / paste
  • hub for improved integration with Skydrive.

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