Windows 7 runs on HTC Shift

If you want to install Windows 7, make sure to enable all devices (WIFI, BT) in your existing Vista first. Otherwise you might have some trouble enabling them until we figure out Control Center. Almost all drivers run well, some have to be forced by using VISTA RTM compatibility mode. But they will install fine. Exception is, the Intel VGA driver wont install. But the default driver is already very good and newer. Also, the Control Center for the EC doesn’t work. It installs, but the shagctrl.exe crashes upon start.

About the touchscreen – It was a little tricky at first and I needed to reinstall Windows 7. But if you install the EC driver first, before any other driver, you can get it to work. The touchscreen responds perfect and the default calibration is also perfect. (better and more accurate than Vista)

Windows 7 itself seems like a good approach to a new OS. Its very simple and speedy and features a new taskbar, I would call it Quickbar…it has some jumplists where you can pin programs and folders. Its ok, but maybe better on big screens. Nice are the icon previews of your stuff launched in the taskbar…i will see that i get some screenshots going. Also new is Internet Explorer 8, featuring site suggestions according to your surf behaviour. It also checks your downloads for threads while downloading. Windows Media Player is 12.

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