Twaddle – new Twitter client for Windows Mobile

Twaddle supports most of the core features found on Twitter and seems to pack a pretty good punch in its infancy. The next version should be out soon and will support some of the missing features you’d expect out of a Twitter client. Be sure to keep an eye on Twaddle because it’s very much in active development. Always grab the latest version from Get.Twaddle.Mobi.

Features (to be expanded soon):

• Viewing your timeline
• Viewing all your friends and their last tweets
• Viewing your own tweets
• Posting tweets, replies and retweets
• Custom interface supporting inertial scrolling
• Downloading of avatars + avatars of @replies of your friends
• Geotagging of your tweets
• Viewing the Google Map of geotagged posts
• OAuth support – no username / password entry required
• Portrait and landscape support
• Software Input Panel support in both portrait and landscape mode
• Copy / view URLs mentioned in posts
• Is.Gd URL shortening
• Popup notifications
• Tweets are saved locally and remembered next time you start Twaddle

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