Top features of Android phones

Today mobile phones are not only meant for receiving and dialing calls but instead they have are used for many other purposes. In this modern era everyone wants more whether mobile or anything, the latest developed mobile phones have advanced high definition features which ease our day today work. Every one wants a mobile that has wonderful features and multiple applications. In the modern time people want more from there mobile phones almost everything, so developers have invented the phone that can perform wide range of applications. The new and most technically advance was built by Android Incorporations which was later acquired by Google. Android is robot which has human like intelligence hence its name is derived from this, a phone which can function like artificial human being. The android technology is based on Linux platform which is capable of performing numerous actions in a go without the interruption. There are almost more than 100000 applications available on the android platform which makes it multi tasking.

The first multimedia mobile was based on Symbian technology and after that JAVA based phones have captured the market. The android mobile phone is like a revolution in the mobile history. The top functions of android operating software are multitasking with different application at the same time and without the problem system breakage. Android can handle various browsing applications on different timings, browsing and surfing internet on android browser is very easy like browsing on laptop or computer. Android phones are equipped with Google based applications like You Tube, Google earth etc. There is no problem of data loss in android phones because the data gets stored in the Google account which can be thus imported directly from the Google application. There are many android applications which help people in their different professions. Among the android applications the halo protects is a very useful application which helps in protection of the mobile data and saving it from the loss. All Android phones consist of Bluetooth applications which are connected to GPS and help the phone to recover when it is lost or stolen.

The titanium back is a superb tool which backs up the mobile applications in adverse condition; it restores the applications of the mobile and gives a second life to the phone. Titanium backup service is available in both paid and free versions but the only difference is the speed of application which is low in free version. Paid versions is mostly opted by the customers as this provide reliability and faster restoration. The cost of titanium back up is as low as 6 $ per application. The Nimbuzz application is mostly like by the youths as it provides chat and IM services. It powerfully operates online chatting software and other telephony applications with a good space. It helps to access chatting, video conferencing and live messenger while handling the other software at the same time. It’s a free application mostly downloaded by youngsters from the android official website.

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