The future of Windows Mobile?

Some bits of what’s happen with Windows Mobile, may be it’s the end?

“Adobe kills Flash Player 10.1 for Windows Mobile 6.5, smitten with Windows Phone 7 Series”

“If you’re not feeling a bit sorry for the aging Windows Mobile platform, you should be. With Windows Phone 7 completely overshadowing Windows Mobile 6.5 and Adobe confirming the death of Flash 10.1 for WinMo, the stylus-happy smartphone operating system of yester-year is being kicked to the curb left and right.”

I keep reading negative headlines for Windows Mobile, and I think it won’t be long before most phone manufacturers choose Android as their OS, therefore making windows mobile redundant.

In my opinion Microsoft is going in the wrong direction. They abandoning everything that made the platform great to focus on interface and dumb down the OS (iPhone alike, crap!). In a nutshell it’s the Pocket PC devolved from a tiny computer into a mere feature phone. They have already lost a great deal of 3rd party developer (professional and amateurs, most freeware devs and hackers got off now). The lack of quality freeware and OS content is what will utterly drive the users to Android.

The real story about Android and Windows Mobile:

Android: If you make something easy to use and people will come running, and give up their privacy and data on the way. Google is giving you “free” updates because Android is a platform for Google to sell it’s services – Gmail, Calendar etc.
Windwos Mobile – most people don’t actually use Windows Mobile. They just push the buttons. Windows Mobile is a platform too, a business platform. You need a business built around MS technologies to take advantage of it’s true value.


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