tBattery Graphical Analyzer app for Windows Mobile

It is a web application for visualizing the log output from tBattery. Currently, it displays the battery life percentage over time and not much more (at the moment). It relies on JavaScript (jQuery & jqplot) for displaying the graph, so you might want to activate it.

Current limitations

  • Displays only life percentage and the time passed
  • You cannot download the graph, screenshot is the only way to save
  • There can be quiet weird values for the x-axis, like 1020 minutes. I’ll fix that

Planned features

  • Display date/time on mouse cursor position in graph
  • Choosing the value(s) you want to display
  • Anonymous storage of logs and graphs for later reference
  • User registration for storing logs and allowing comparisons between devices/ROMs etc
  • Simple download of graphs as images

Download and more info

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