Stride Mintacular – a gum that redefines the limits of possibility (Sponsored Video)

Apple? No, it’s Stride Mintacular!

Well-known for Stride gum commercials is to be witty, but the new “celebrity-endorsed chewing experience”, Stride Mintacular, has a commercial that is more than hilarious. If you can’t tell already, this video is a parody of Apple product launch videos.

Amazingly funny and smart, the moustached Shaun White endorsed gum is ridiculing all the ways that we are accustom to see commercials, challenging advertisers from all around the World not to impress the consumer with glamour and big words to make him buy the product, but to just make him laugh and by that make the product more likable.

With Christopher Guest-like charm and nuance, the Mintacular advertising campaign manages to both revere and poke fun at Apple’s almost religious approach to its products and marketing. Better yet, it portrays itself as fun, dry, sarcastic, witty and scrappy. And, for me, that works. If only it were gluten free.

This post is sponsored by Stride.


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