Some quick comparison – HTC Touch Pro2 vs. iPhone vs. Nokia N97

Here we have some quick comparison between these three mobile devices (iPhone, NokiaN97 and HTC Touch Pro2) because people are confused about which product from the three products to buy, and what is the suitable product for them and why to buy it and also to know the differences between the three products so in this article we are going to talk about the differences between each mobile and features of each one so let’s start. I searched the internet for information about the whole three products and i got some useful information and i put it right here so everyone knows which product is suitable for him.

The three products shapes :

HTC Touch Pro2:


Nokia N97:

One of the three products don’t have a seperate keyboard and this is the iPhone, but there is another type of HTC series is pretty close in the features from the one I have mentioned in here and also it includes a pretty nice and high camera and this type is called Dimond2.

The three products are pretty close from each other in the memory space but if we took the maximum limit for the memory to reach it will be of course the Nokia N97 because it can be raised up to 48GB. When it comes to the colors and screen specifications so Nokia N97 is the best of all , but the actual use points to that HTC Touch Pro2 is the best in screen resolution and Windows Mobile OS, super sensitivity for the touch screen use, and the ability to follow it. For the potential of fixed and mobile imaging the winner is HTC Touch Pro2 without any competitor. iPhone don’t have the radio feature or even the general bluetooth use (you can use the bluetooth feature for the headphones only) and also iPhone can’t send MMS messages.

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