SMSSyncUp beta – upload your SMS to Gmail

SMSSyncUp is a very simple tool to “upload/backup” your SMSes from Windows Mobile phones to Gmail. To run this app you need to have Gmail account setup in your Pocket Outlook.

1. Install
2. Choose your Gmail Account.
3. Open the application, and fill the Send To: with the Gmail id to which you want to backup SMS.
4. Go to Menu “Login”(it is not an actual login, you need to configure your Gmail account for it).
5. Login should enable the SMS folders dropdown with all your SMS folders.
6. Select the folder to backup.
7. Go to Menu “Sync SMS Folder”. This should start the message conversion to mail format. Progress will be displayed.
8. On completion it will prompt and then ask you if you want to sync.
8. Syncing would send Emails with Subject IMAPSMS|<FOLDER NAME> :Sender and the body will contain Message and time, the subject should help you to create proper rules in your gmail account.


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