Samsung are going to make high-resolution Super AMOLED screens


According to the Korean site etnews, Samsung are about to begin mass-producing high-resolution versions of their 7″ Super AMOLED screens. If the rumors are correct, the exact resolution of the displays is going to be 1024 x 768. It’s still not clear when we’re going to see them in actual products, but it could happen as early as this Fall. The site claims, that a newer generation of the Galaxy Tab will be released in the near future in North America, equipped with 7″ HD Super AMOLED screens. We’re expecting Apple to release their new mobile devices at the same time, so the giants are going to fight head-on once again. We shouldn’t forget that the Galaxy Tab is one of the best selling tablets on the market and an upgrade of the screen will only make it more popular. B.A.

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