Opera Mini 7.5 for Android adds Smart Page for social updates


Opera Mini 7.5 for Android

Opera Mini 7.5 for Android


Opera has released an update to the most popular mobile browser at the moment – Opera Mini 7.5 for Android. Main changes in the new version are associated with the new addition called Smart Page, which actually collects news, updates and notifications from the most frequently visited social pages.

The latest version of Opera Mini 7.5 gives you:

  • Faster browsing with less of the data load
  • A dashboard view of what’s happening on your social networks
  • Automatic news feeds from your favorite sites


Smart Page works, not only taking news of frequently visited social pages by the users, but also based on their online habits, it gives a list of available sources of information that may be interested.

Opera Mini 7.5 is now available for direct download from Google Play.

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